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Reforming Campus Speech Codes: Don’t Wait for an Executive Order

By Guest Blogger Timothy Eggert, Research Assistant and Undergraduate Fellow, the CAIF President Trump teased an executive order on Saturday, speaking to activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference. As he told the crowd at CPAC, he plans to issue an order to help guarantee free speech at colleges and universities—threatening to withhold their federal aid if they do not protect the viewpoints held by students of all political ideologies. …
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Safe Space for Intellectual Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity?

The academic year 2016-17 saw a spike in illiberal repression of speech on American college campuses. Six eminent professors, alumni of Middlebury College, spoke out when the violence came to their alma mater. In doing so, they helped inspire the CAIF’s mission, exemplifying our shared values in an eloquent statement. They wrote, on June 1, 2017, in Real Clear Politics: As university professors and administrators, we are deeply concerned with …
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