Douglas Murray Explains the Rise of Islam in Europe and its effects on Israel, in a discussion led by Gadi Taub

“Israel is Still Living in History”
CAIF Senior Research Fellow, Gadi Taub, recently moderated a discussion between The Spectator Associate Editor and author, Douglas Murray; Ariel University Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, Dr. Dina Lisnyansky; and Director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa, Dr. Dan Scheuftan. Convened at Tel Aviv University, in Israel, the panel explored themes of nationalism and multiculturalism, as they relate to Islam, Europe and Israel, which Murray presents in his book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam. Taub and the others also deliberated over the source of a unified European identity, separate from populism, and what role truth-telling plays in constructing a national, sociopolitical narrative. According to Murray, the difference between the European and the Israeli ethos relates to a perception of “people living after” or “people living in” history. “Obviously modern Europe is the clearest example of a people who think they’re living after history, that is after historical events,” Murray said. Adding that, “Israel is clearly still living in history,” he stressed “that means you know things can still happen, you still have things to fight for.” According to Taub, a united, liberal elite is to blame for propagating populism in the West because it attacks “democracy by delegitimizing nationalism” and, with it, the nation state. “Europeans are overestimating their own tolerance and then reacting violently,” Taub said. “My fear is not just that European culture is committing suicide or going down, but that its resurgence may indeed be dangerous and violent.”

Paulina Neuding Clarifies Swedish Anti-Semitism, in an Interview with Gadi Taub

“Sweden is Solidly Anti-Israeli”
CAIF Senior Research Fellow, Gadi Taub, met recently with Quillette European Editor Paulina Neuding in Israel, where the two discussed Swedish anti-semitism, the Malmö intifada and the future of Swedish immigration policies. Neuding explained that anti-semitic behaviors practiced by protestors and citizens are precipitated by the anti-semitic attitudes and policies implemented by the Swedish left and the Sweden Democrats. “This [problems with immigrants] is causing social tension, but it’s also causing political tension,” Neuding said. “We have a party [Swedish Democrats], 17 point something percent no other party wants to touch or talk to because they used to be Nazis.” Neuding added although five years ago her perspectives on the new social and political divisions in Sweden would have barred her from appearing on Swedish media, her writings and opinions now receive less criticism. “The discussion is much more open now,” Neuding said. “This conversation can no longer be suppressed.”

Jordan Peterson Condemns the American Psychological Association, in an Interview with Gadi Taub

“It is Scandalous What They Have Done!”
CAIF Senior Research Fellow, Gadi Taub, met recently with Jordan B. Peterson in Zurich, where the two discussed philosophy, theology, and psychology. Peterson sharply challenged the American Psychological Association (APA) statement on masculinity, near the conclusion of this important interview. “I am absolutely ashamed to call myself a psychologist in the aftermath of the APA publication,” he said, adding that, “it is scandalous what they have done.” According to Peterson, it is fatherlessness, not patriarchy, that leads to dysfunction. Civilization channels innate aggression to productive uses, he argues, disputing the widespread neo-Marxist view that aggression is taught and produced by the system. “Aggression is innate,” he says, “peacefulness is socialized.”